Blockchain adopted 6 strategic mineral global supply Chain


Transparency, security, safety, and cost-effectiveness gained through blockchain Fair distribution of important global minerals and generating profitability for businesses


Supplycon is a combination of supply and continuity, which contains the future value and will of
project developers and foundations to ensure continuous and stable supply of core minerals.
Although mining methods, cost calculation, product and refining processes, and commercialization
processes are needed for each mineral, uniform management and transaction methods have been
introduced that do not match the characteristics of each mineral.

Establish a market-leading order that breaks away from the bad habits of the existing supplycon market.

SupplyCon Blockchain Systems

Transparency and efficiency of blockchain are re-establishing standards for industry efficiency

The key elements of the success of the global mineral supply chain are information accuracy, irreversibility, transparency, and non-forgery.
Refined information should be accurately classified according to global trading standards without any hacking threats
and provided to buyers in a timely manner to make the fastest and most accurate economic decisions.

Only blockchain base supplyChain meeting them 100%, SupplyCon!

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Merit of SupplyCon to each of participants group


Mining Economics Assessment Group

It will be possible to discover and operate more economical mining sites.

Global Professional Mining and Development Group

Improve profitability by focusing capacity on economical mining sites.

Mineral Processing and Commercialization Network

Long-term reprocessing of minerals produced
by proven mining sites will result in sustainable returns.

Global Mineral Transportation and Supply Company Group

The revenue generated by securing stable transportation stocks will again contribute financially to the supply-con network and increase the company's profitability.

SupplyCon Token allocations plan

Since the global mineral business is an essential raw material supply business that is the basis of the country's key industry,
early securing of scale, safety, and legitimacy determines the success or failure of the business.


Coin Sale 20%

Acqusition of 3rd tier license 20%

M&A of new technology patented corp. 20%

production of supply chain platform 20%

Global conglomerates sales 10%

Team 10%

Coin name:



Total supply:

SupplyCon Roadmap


  • Q3 SupplyCon established
  • Q4 Establishment of direction for Production of
    Supplycon Platform Prototype

  • Q1 Platform Basic Design
  • Q2 Selection of six major strategic
    mineral traders begins
  • Q3 Transaction and storage function
    web wallet launch and global listing
  • Q4 Global Transportation Company
    Competitive Bidding System Design

  • Q1 Expansion of listing on top exchanges
    in Asia and North America
  • Q2 Completed design of platform prototype
    with primary functionality
  • Q3 Securing economic feasibility
    Starts mining site business
  • Q4 Upgrade the SupplyCon Platform


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